Saturday, 28 May 2016

What is Hunger??

I am ill today. I had a nose bleed this morning.. try to think of salad days.

Friday, 27 May 2016


We won't have to drive too far just across the border and into the city, see my old man;s got a problem, live off the bottle that's the way it is, my momma went off and left him, you've got time for school somebody's gotta take care of him. I had a feeling I could be someone. I know things will get better..So remember driving in your car, speed so long, I guess I had the feeling I could be someone.

PACK UP YOUR SHIT AND FUCKING LEAVE!!! That place is a curse... it;s a curse, that place used to fuck me. It fucked everything up.

If you csn;t see and then ou cant understand, So you must learn to see.

"you've got so much weird shit"


Finally the tables are starting to turn, Talkin' about a Revolution..
I hope someone else in the world is listening to this song.

Cellar Door

"The Killing Moon - Nouvelle Vague"

I know it must the killing the time, unwillingly mine.
Fate up against your will, through the thick and thin.
I wait until I give myself to him... (DDEEEEEEPPP WAAAAA >o<)

I always wonder about Rococco,
I like to envision a period lifestyle even with flowers.

Now try to envision a future.
What would you create? Even if you created your own Destiny,,,,

This is such silly talk but I'm enjoying.

I'm an indigo child amongst many...
let me talk to you..
I dont sniff cocaine, For sexual stimulation I never did no Ectasy, I don't pop Pills I never did no LSD.. but I wouldn't miss a kiss from Mrs Mary. He looked at me son,, you're too young, when you get older now..

sticky lighter to take me higher and higher. Singing La La.. I'm about to take you higher....
Anyone sleepin' on my guitar skills.. lemme WAKE YOU UP....... what up! Jimi Hendrix....

yo thanks for the lessons baby.....
I ain;t forgot you man,,,,
Tell him Eric Clapton
I forgetting somebody man,,,,,